End of Project?

No, not quite. We still need your opinion on our website, so…

What do you think about the Europe and YOU Website?

Are we done yet?

Well, sort of, because now, that we are at the end of the Comenius Project 2009-2011, it is time to show our final work, the Europe and YOU Film. In 88 min you can find out about everything we worked on and see what we experienced in the last two years.

And from here we go on to next Comenius Project which is called WeCAN. Find out what it's about on our new website. OK, it's not finished, yet. But, you already can see something.

The Europe and YOU Film

So, now that you've seen it, what do you think of the Europe and YOU film?

What is "Europe and YOU"?

The multilateral Comenius partnership „Europe and YOU“ is made up of the team of schools: IESO La Vera Alta, Villanueva de la Vera (ES), Collège Multisite Vouziers (F), Bodmin College (UK) and Schule an der Mühle, Bad Bederkesa (D), as coordinating partner.

It is the main aim of the partnership to develop with the project students an active sense of citizenship on a local and European level. To this end the pupils have access to and familiarise themselves with a teaching module about the European Union, which is available to work with on the project’s own website. The website offers various activities, such as a Europe quiz, useful links, chat room etc. The pupils then present documentation of their local, regional, national and European politicians. This documentation is published on the website on a „virtual pin board“. Subsequently visits to the European Parliament are planned, during which there will be meetings with the MEPs. In the further course of the project chat modules on the topics concerning Europe and young people will be offered. The chat topics will then be converted into short drama sequences in the different partner schools, which will then be drawn together into a European Youth Theatre in a workshop.

The whole project will be accompanied by a documentation made with digital camera. The film clips will be cut in a film workshop to make a documentary film „Europe and YOU“. This film should then be given to the European Youth Parliament for further use.

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